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Folligone provides professional and discrete Electrolysis and Body Sugaring hair removal. Taking pride in healthy, natural solutions for the removal of unwanted hair and using the latest techniques, I work with my clients to find the perfect treatment to remove unwanted hair and improve the overall condition of the skin.

Call me to discuss and book the best treatment for you and your body. Then visit my relaxing treatment room situated near the heart of Plymouth in Devon to begin your journey to perfectly smooth and naturally healthy skin.

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Sugaring is a hair removal treatment that has been practiced for centuries throughout Northern Africa, Greece and the Middle East. We now use a modern specially formulated and natural Sugaring paste to remove hair at the roots.

Wax products are made of resins, that adhere to skin cells. As a result, pulling it away causes unnecessary pain. Sugaring products do not adhere to live skin cells when removed and so gently exfoliates only dead skin cells, leaving behind silky smooth skin.

If you chronically struggle with eczema, razor burn or sensitive skin, hair removal can be a real challenge. If you have tried shaving, depilatory creams, and waxing there is a good chance that all have resulted in flare-ups, rashes, and an unrelenting itchiness. With Sugaring, most clients see an immediate improvement. After the first or second sugaring treatment, there is body hair refinement and in many cases diminishment whilst improvement in the overall condition of the skin. Compared to waxing, sugaring is an all-natural alternative that generally doesn't require strips or dipping. Instead, the Sugaring professional rolls the sugaring paste onto the skin, and uses a flicking motion to remove the hair follicles from the root. A sugar paste strip is only used for more precision around the lip, armpits and bikini areas. The entire process works on any area of the body. In addition to being all-natural, sugaring is long lasting, has a reduced chance of redness, and can be performed more frequently.

And.. with sugaring, there's no need to grow the hair out for weeks or endure stubble in between treatments.


For those who seek complete and permanent hair removal on any part of the body, regardless of skin tone or hair colour, there remains only one method that is approved by the British Medical Association – electrolysis.

Electrolysis is a course of treatment that permanently removes hair growth when performed by a skilled and experienced practitioner. Electrolysis has the longest known track record together with the most effective results for permanent hair removal. Dr Charles Michel first used it successfully in 1875 to remove ingrown eyelashes. He discovered that once the follicle had been treated with electrolysis the hair was permanently destroyed. For over 100 years, electrolysis has been recognised as a safe, reliable method of treating all skin and hair types.

Electrolysis involves the insertion of a very fine, disposable, sterile probe (the same diameter as the hair) into the hair follicle, which is a natural opening in the skin. A tiny amount of energy is then skilfully discharged into the hair follicle. The only sensation felt by the client is heat passing down the probe to the base of the follicle.

During a course of treatments there will be a constant, gradual decrease in the growth of the hair until it has all been permanently removed. The number of treatments required will vary from person to person and will be discussed at the initial consultation.

Electrolysis can be used on any part of the body. No type or volume of body hair is too stubborn for treatment and no body part too embarrassing! Treatment areas include all facial areas, legs, bikini line, chest, back, abdomen, underarms, fingers, toes and eye brows. The first sign that electrolysis treatment is working is that the hair growth becomes softer, finer and lighter in colour. You will see and feel the difference throughout the course of treatment, so you do not have to wait until the end of your course to see a difference. Following treatment clients will be given aftercare instructions to adhere to in order to support the electrolysis treatment.

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In 1989 I achieved a City and Guilds qualification in Hairdressing, Beauty and business studies, I passed hairdressing and beauty with distinctions and went on to work for the next 6 years in several top salons. It was during this time I became involved solely in beauty therapy feeling naturally drawn to this side of the salon business. I then took a break to concentrate on my growing family but it wasn't long before I felt the draw to go back to my passion, Beauty Therapy. I Achieved a Diploma in Electrolysis at the prestigious Carlton Institute in London, followed by a diploma in Sugaring. I decided to concentrate on both of these brilliant hair removal practices and have continued my professional development in both attending various courses and seminars to further grow my knowledge and to keep up with the very latest trends and technologies. I love my job, It can be very satisfying when you meet a client and have the pleasure of helping them attain their beauty goals as well as getting to know them as people!

Debbe Herd Folligne

Price List


Eyebrows: From £7.00
Chin or Lip: From £5.00
Chin & Lip :From £8.00
Underarms : From £7.00
Forearms: From £9.00 (Half arm)
Forearms and Fingers: From £15.00 (Half arm and fingers)
Bikini: From £8.00 (Triangle Bikini, Top)
Extended Bikini From £11.00 (Triangle Bikini, Underneath)
Half Leg: From £12.00
Full Leg: From £20.00
Back or Chest : From £25.00


15 minutes From £15.00
30 minutes From £25.00

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